Why Q for delicious hawker food?

Why Q? When you can order hawker food from this app called WhyQ.

The difference between WhyQ and the likes of FoodPanda, Grabfood is that WhyQ focus only on food courts & hawker Centers.

Their delivery fee? Only $1.50 flat and for minimum amount depends on zone (some zone no minimum amount needed)

WhyQ Locations

Just choose your location and all the hawker centers that is able to send to you will be presented.

Referral & Promotions

WhyQ is new & they are very generous with promos, just like how Grab was when it first started.

There are some pre existing promotions in the app itself but do read the T&C Apply on the right first. Because some of it requires minimum order amount or only for certain bank cards

We have a referral code below for you to use to get a $3 off coupon.

Here is a referral code for you to use when registering.

You will get a $3 off coupon after you complete your first order


You can download the WhyQ app here 

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