Withdraw cash without an ATM machine with this app! (Get free $5)

Came across this interesting app, it allows you withdraw cash from normal shops/ stores such as 7 elevens. These shops/stores are called cashpoints. Also interestingly these cashpoints could be any normal aunty/mama shop under your block.

Remember those times when you are unable to find ATMs when you wanted to withdraw money? LOL. In this app, it will show the nearest cash points where you can withdraw your cash, it will also give you the distance where the cashpoint is so you can know which one is nearest to you.

Then just go to the cashpoint, scan QR code and withdraw your money from the counter. That simple right?

Do take note that now currently SoCash only for POSB/DBS users.

Follow the below infographics for a clearer picture on how to use the app!

Input your location and it will show the nearest cashpoint locations Do take note for 7 eleven it requires a purchase from the store for withdrawal.
Go to the cashpoint, normally there will be a label/sticker that indicates it is a SoCash, Cashpoint. This was the 1st cashpoint i went to when i first tried it.
Scan QR code on this machine. Once approved the staff will hand over your cash

Simple right? Not to worry as the staff of the shop/store will be there to guide you on the withdrawal.

Excited to withdraw using this app now?

Free $5 freecash

Hold on as we have a special link for you at the end of the article to download the app and get free $5 credited into your SoCash account. (Take note that manual download without this link will not give you the free $5.)

You will receive the $5 free cash on your 2nd withdrawal. So you will need to withdraw once first and then on 2nd withdrawal, you will unlock the $5 free cash. Not to worry as you can withdraw more than once at the same cashpoint.

Free $5 means example you withdraw $40, only $35 will be deducted from your bank account as the $5 is free

Terms and conditions:
1) At the time of the article published this is the bonus of $5 you will get when download SoCash via our link, SoCash reserves the right to change or discontinue with the offer.

2) Lobangz Hunter will do our best to update the latest offers and rewards


Click on the following link to download and get free $5. Use mobile to download.



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