Portable Bathtubs ? Latest trend for affordable and convenient bathtub

Bathtub used to be a bathroom accessory more associated to people whom are more well to do. 1 of the reason is the cost. Getting a bathtub also means you need to engage a contractor to install it for you.

It is troublesome and costly. But what if we tell you there now there is bathtubs which are cheaper and no installation is needed. Yeah ,that is what we call portable bathtubs now, you just need to lay it on the floor, fill it in with water and you can use it already.  Simple right?

This model here is made from Polypropylene (Plastic-BPA Free) and it is also suitable for HDB bathrooms.


This model fits in HDB bathrooms.

There is lots of benefits of soaking in a bathtub especially after a day of hardwork. For those who finds traditional bathtub expensive and inconvenient then this product is best for you.

In a upright position
In a HDB bathroom

This model length is 123.2cm, which is a good length for you to relax and it fits in HDB bathrooms too. There is also a smaller model from the same store.

So you have always wanted a bathtub? But the cost and installation have been hindering you then can get this portable bathtubs instead.

You can get these bathtubs at https://www.buybuy.sg/portable-plastic-bathtub-adults-singapore/


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