First time trying “Poke” Bowl

While i was hanging out around town, i have seen a lot of shops such as “A Poke Theory”. To be honest, i found the name quite weird as the only Poke i am familiar with are Pokemon. So i was wondering whats up with these poke bowl?

After sometimes, i saw more and more of these Poke bowl Shops with long queues, especially around CBD areas at lunch time. So I did some research back home to find out what is this “Poke” all about.

So actually Poke is a Hawaiian dish which traditionally is raw fish salad but modern version also include other poke such as beef.

I believe it has been quite popular in Singapore for the past 1 – 2 years which i was not aware of. So 1 day as i was in Millenia Walk, i came across a shop called “Poke Doke”.

Its a halal certified poke shop. So out of curiosity, i went to give it a try. Better late than never to jump into this Poke bandwagon.

Poke Doke
Poke Doke @ Millenia Walk

So to order, you will be given a piece of paper as the menu and you just need to tick which ingredients you prefer

Poke Doke Millenia Walk
So as you can see here. Most important is step 2-4. Choose base which is rice, soba or salad only. Then poke as step 3 then step 4 will be the add ons
Poke Doke
Here come my pokebowl. Love the colour!
Poke Doke
My poke was spicy Salmon. It is good, i will recommend you to get this
Poke Bowl Singapore
The base i chose was Soba which is japanase noodle

So basically it is something like a salad with extra ingredients especially the fish such as salmon or tuna. 1 of the other reason it is popular is also due to the fact that it is a healthy dish, as the younger generation now are more aware of healthy food. Especially those who love sahshimi, you will surely love poke bowls.

But 1 thing do take note that its quite pricy, for example here in Poke Doke the price starts at $12.50. For halal poke bowl restaurants, Poke Doke is 1 of them. I am not sure of any other,i think A Poke Theory might be halal too, you can google it.

Also for Poke Doke, they have payment via Favepay which will give you 10% cashback, so if you are working around nearby Millenia Walk then it will be smart to pay via favepay to save your money.

We have another article about why you should use Favepay (Use the code in this article to get free $2 in your favepay account)

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