The Mall Midvalley Southkey – Biggest mall in JB

For those who loves to jalan jalan in JB, there is another new mall for you to explore and it is Mid Valley JB or officially known as The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey. It is currently the biggest mall in JB. It used to be Paradigm Mall which is the biggest but now Midvalley Southkey is the biggest.

Mid Valley Southkey JB

Getting to Mid Valley JB

It is located less around 8km from CIQ customs complex, for me i took Grab which cost less than RM10. I strongly recommend using Grab to travel around in JB. Much more convenient and cheaper.

The mall has a lot of varieties of shops from outdoors, travel, IT, electronics, sports and much more. Here are some of the highlighted vendors that we have for you.



1 of the flagship stores in Mid Valley JB is SOGO which is a huge department store ala Takashimaya in Singapore. They used to be in Singapore quite a long time ago. They have almost everything that you can think of. Clothes, beauty products, children, baby accessories and much more.

mid valley JB

Xing Fu Tang

Mid Valley southkey
Xing Fu Tang

This is a popular bubble tea store from Taiwan which has hundreds of outlets globally.Their signature drink is the Brown Sugar Bobba Milk. Their pearls are fresh and in house made.

mid valley southkey
Fresh house made brown sugar pearls

Family Mart

mid valley JB
Family Mart

Family Mart is like the Japanese version of 7/11. A convenient 24 hours store. They are popular for their housebrands snacks, meals, desserts.

Mid Valley JB
There is a small dining area in the store for you to sit down, drink and eat the snacks or meals that you bought

Travelling & Outdoors

Nature Connections
mid valley southkey JB
Universal Traveller


Also other sports shops in the mall are Onitsuka Tiger, Adidas, Nike, Reebok and much more.


Too many to put and you will have so much choices. Below are just some of choices you have.


For those who loves to travel to JB to shop, eat and relax then you need to come here and check it out for yourself, so instead of going to the normally visited shopping malls such as City Square and KSL, maybe you can try a change of scenery and come to The Mall, Mid Valley SouthKey

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