Menate JB – Hunting for best Steak in JB.

Great news for Steak lovers. Menate Steak Hub which is a popular restaurant in KL has opened its first branch in Johor Bahru on 19 Jan 2019. As soon as we heard the news, we know that we need to patronize Menate JB as soon as possible!

Menate JB

Menate JB is only located around 7km from CIQ checkpoint, it cost me only RM9 via Grab.

The most popular steak here is the Wagyu steak, which is the highest grade, followed by Angus and others.

The prices will depends on which kind of steak you choose and the weight of the steak. In the menu, it will tell you the price per 100g but you will select your steak from the chiller directly and the price will be listed down on the packet you choose.

This is interesting, as you are able to see the meat itself before they cook it for you.

Menate JB
Wagyu, select your steak, prices in pasted on the packet

Menate Steakhub
This is the Angus beef

The staff was friendly and explained to me a lot about the characteristics of the steak such as the marbling, the grade of the steak etc. You see the whites on the meat is the marbling thing which adds flavour and juiciness to the steak. The more the marbling, the better the meat is.

Also any purchase of steak entitled you to free flow of drinks.

  Now it is time to eat! We decided on getting the Angus Ribeye. It cost Rm220, it was a big size which can be shared between 2 person.Actually wanted to try the Wagyu, but it is quite expensive and i can’t afford it.

No money for wagyu…so sad
Best Steak in JB
Here it comes my Angus Ribeye Steak

The doneness is medium rare but they are flexible because i told them that my friend prefers well done, so they allow us to cut some portions of the steak and they cook that portion to well done. (Not sure why my friend would want a well done steak, lol)

The steak set also comes with mushroom sauce, blackpepper sauce, another sauce(forgot what sauce it was), side salad and mash potatoes.

The texture of the steak was soft and juicy, it was really delicious and they really met my expectations and hype. Honestly one of the best steak i ever had, this is also the first time i had Angus steak. The staff speaks to me and told me that if i find this Angus steak to be soft and tender, next time i should try the Wagyu steak which is more tender and soft.

JB Steakhouse
JB Really love this part of the steak. So tender.

So how about the pricing? I would say it is reasonable total cost is RM260+ which includes Angus ribeye steak (Big portion which can share 2 person), pasta Agio Olio, free flow drinks and including of SST. Will i go again? Yes, next time to try the Wagyu steak.

So for Steak lovers, come and try Menate Steak Hub. Menate JB address is No. 113 & 115, Jalan Glasiar, Taman Tasek, 80200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.

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