Make money & save money with Rent Tycoon

Have you ever bought an item and it use it occasionally like once a year then just leave it in storage ?

I personally have, such as my winter clothing that i bought while going on a holiday. After holiday it was chucked aside in the store. People will think i am crazy if i wear winter clothings in Singapore.

Now with rent tycoons, you can rent it our and collect money instead of collecting dust!

Rent Tycoons is the first portal dedicated to promote peer-to-peer renting in Singapore! A registered user is both a renter and owner.

Not just renting out your items, you can also rent something from others. There are a lot of things in Rent Tycoons in which you can rent such as home appliances, transport, electronics, to name a few.

Example when renting from someone makes perfect sense in this scenario you need to use something like maybe a drill just a task but you do not want to purchase it because you know you will seldom use it, so instead of buying, just rent it for a few days to complete the task and you save your money!

Some of the items rented out in Rent Tycoons

Below is a brief guide on how it Rent Tycoon works



Does this seems interesting to you? Already have in mind something that you want to rent out? Make money by renting something to someone and save money by renting instead of buying

Check out their website @ https://www.renttycoons.com/home


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