Jom Makan (Let’s Eat Seafood!)

Jom Makan BBQ seafood which translates to Lets eat BBQ seafood is a muslim owned BBQ seafood restaurant which is famous for their popular lobster maggie goreng.

Jom Makan Seafood

Even though maggie goreng is supposed to be fried maggie mee which most people will assume it to be dry, their version is “wet” with some sauce.

Maggie goreng lobster
Maggie goreng lobster . (Image from Jom Makan Seafood FB page)

The maggie goreng is 1 of the signature dishes in their restaurant. Another signature dish is the Shovel Seafood Platter. 

It is actually basically a shell out with the only difference is that, the server will bring the food out in a shovel (for presentation purpose)


You can choose various methods of cooking for it

Jom Makan Seafood menu
Choose 1 type of cooking for your platter

For me, i chose the cooking method as salted egg. Thats the most popular thing nowadays, every where salted egg.

Seafood shovel platter
Nachos will be served together in the platter

So whats our verdict on the food? I will say its very good. The salted egg sauce is yummy, yum yum. The sauce is abundance. The maggie goreng is very nice too, the sauce have that sour kinda like taste in a nice way.

The place is very accessible, just opposite of Kembangan MRT (walking distance) and they are open everyday from 11am to 3am which makes it a great to relax and eat here at night.


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