Get up to 50% off your favorite restaurants, buffets

Make a reservation for a restaurant and get up to 50% discount?

Eatigo provides time based discounts which range between 10% – 50% based on the time of the reservation.

Each restaurant listed in Eatigo is required to have a slot for 50% off once a day. But of course you will get more discount when you dine during off peak hours.

How Eatigo works?

This concept is not new and has been long practised in hotels and airlines. Prices vary on certain days, example there is an empty seat in a flight which will departing in 2 days time. There will be a discount maybe 30% of that seat and it attracts people to book it because in the end airlines will not earn anything from an empty seat.

So this same concept applies in Eatigo because an empty seat in the restaurant earns them nothing.

  • No payments online, pay at the restaurant. Show them your reservation from your phone.
  • No need to print any coupons
  • You can cancel your reservation without any penalty at any time
  • Can make reservation up to 1 month in advance
  • No need to worry about full restaurant, as your place is reserved

Also with Eatigo, you can get to know more restaurants which you may not know of before this and save a substantial amount of money.

Eatigo Singapore

What restaurants are in Eatigo ?

Pastamania, Saprino’s Pizza, Manhattan Fish Market, Gelare, Seoul Yummy and much more!

The list will still be growing as Eatigo will be looking to partner with more restaurants. Use it during holiday too as Eatigo is also present in these countries below.

Other countries where Eatigo is available
Other countries where Eatigo is available

So ready for Eatigo ? Never pay for full price again! Download the app by clicking the button below! 

Earn $10(Eatigo Cash Voucher) reward for your 1st attended reservation via our special link below

Terms and conditions:
1) At the time of the article published this is the bonus you will get by downloading via our link, Eatigo reserves the right to change or discontinue with the offer.

2) Lobangz Hunter will do our best to update the latest offers and rewards

Click here to download Eatigo app

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