Superb Salted Egg Crab! My favourite!

I have never really eaten crabs in any restaurants before this as i normally eat crabs at home but during a company dinner, we were brought to this eatery.Their previous location where i went to was at Pasir Ris Park.

It was a few years ago and unlike nowadays, salted egg recipes was not as much as it is now. So when i heard of the term “Salted egg crab”, i was quite curious how it will taste like.

salted egg crab
Salted egg crab! Woooooooooo!

So as the dish came, the first i did was to taste the salted egg sauce, which was quite alien to me at that time. The first time i tasted salted egg sauce in my life and i was like WOW!

The creamy salted egg sauce was really wonderful. Also if you top it off by eating it with fresh hot mantou which is a chinese steam bun then that would be really awesome!

mantou steam bun
Hot mantou

Since the day that i was introduced to this eatery during a company dinner, i have become a huge fan and a loyal customer and i will dine in once in a few months.

Besides the Salted egg crab, other noteworthy dishes which i have tried is the cereal prawn and the seafood fried rice.

I will really recommend the seafood fried rice, its really good and big portion, it come in sizes small, medium or large. Even the small size is a good portion which can be eaten by 2 adults. The seafood fried rice include prawn, calamari and fish. Really worth it.

Since then i have been to various eateries with salted egg dishes and honestly for me this is still the best salted egg sauce i have tried as its not watery and quite thick and creamy. Also i tried salted egg crab in another restaurant but their version is “dry” without sauce as the crab is cooked together with the salted egg.

Fisher Tavern

This eatery that i am talking about is called “Fisher Tavern”. They used to be based at Pasir Ris pond before they moved out a few years ago.

They are now based in Yishun 6 Yishun Industrial Street 1, Singapore 768090 North View Bizhub. They are also Halal certified.

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