EatToGo up to 50%off for Book & Take Away

What is EatToGo?

EatToGo is a new concept launched from Eatigo, the app which allows you to book and dine in at restaurant partners for up to 50% off.

Now due to the Covid19 Pandemic which affects dining in restaurants, Eatigo has launched this new concept EatToGo for Book & Take Away.

Get your favorite food for takeaways while still enjoying up to 50% OFF discounts! eat-to-go allows you to book at restaurants that are open for takeaway orders.


Some of the brands participating in EatToGo

How to get started?

First you must have the Eatigo app. If you do not have it, download it.

Simple right? Start booking for your takeaways for up to 50% off!

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