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favepay Singapore

Why use Favepay for your cashless transactions? Free $1 coupon code inside

Cashless payments, you see it being mentioned all the time now. Grab pay, Favepay etc. You see outside of shops, “We accept favepay, grabpay” and much more. First of all, why go cashless? Logically thinking, going cashless will be the norm for the future as our smartphones are being used as an e-wallet. No need […]

Where to buy your vitamins, supplements, beauty products at good price (5% off coupon code provided)

What is Iherb? Iherb is an award winning online retailer based in USA selling supplements such as vitamins proteins etc, beauty products, herbs, even pet food and much more. It has over 1,200 brands and 35,000 brand name products, with prices around 30%- 50% lesser than retail price. You can find almost any supplements you […]